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. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. how's it looking, chuck. >> haven't seen a whole lot of rain downtown washington yet. quite a lot of rain out across the virginia piedmont. so a brand-new flash flood warning now just put out by the national weather service. this is in madison county, virginia. it goes until 2:45 this morning. show you on radar, resumed all the way in into madison county here, and the areas affected here out towards etlen and syria to the east of craiglersville and fields of griffinburg. but these rain showers are indeed coming in our general direction so we'll keep you posted. a complete check of the 7-day, in the a few more minutes. >> thanks, chuck. >>> to our. other top story now. police try to figure out what caused the man to veer so far off the road two, families -- two families tonight are coping with unimaginable loss. darcy spencer talked to them tonight. darcy? >> reporter: craig, police still don't know what caused the driver of that suv to lose control. it claimed the life of a man just a day before his 32nd birthday and a teen just a week away fro
response, experts fear billions in losses in industry ranging from tourism to fishing. brother craig went out into the gulf with some folks uniquely vulnerable to the spreading spill. here is craig. >> geraldo, the oil spill that occurred in the gulf of mexico couldn't have happened at a worse time according to fishing captains kip marquise and whelan berth. they have been fishing here for years. tell me exactly why this is the worst time? >> because of the timing of it. we just come off of our off season. it was a long winter. we work seasonally. we save our money to make it through the winter time and right before the season we pool our money and we pour it into your boats to try to get it ready for the season. >> shrimp fishermen whose livelihood depends on the waters has been waiting patiently for the opening of the lucrative shrimp season that begins may 15th. >> they shut the east side down for crabbing, fishing, shrimping. the only side that is left over is the west side that is left open and they opened it too soon, the shrimp is not big enough to harvest. we basically are out of
. craig venter said they asemmed a life form by four chemicals and a computer. paula, there is talk of a new industrial revolution. >> other people are saying that what we seem to have is life but not as we know it. craig venter was the individual who tried to sequence the human je gnome from his own pocket 10 years ago has turned his attention to create this synthetic life form. now he seems to have done it. what he's done is that he sent the genetic code of this back ter rum into a -- bacterium and then built the machine block by block. that cell has lost its natural d.n.a. and taken the genetics of this synthetic organism. this is what craig venter had to say about it. >> so it's a completely synthetic cell now. it's replicated a billion times now. it's the first species on our planet to have its parent being a computer. >> craig venter, he has a reputation of something of a publicist. what do you say of those saying this is unethical? >> well, it has been published in journals. the thing that sign to gist -- scientist does have the date to back up his claims. one scientist says
't play god mind him, but you know you always get a great effort from craig in fife days >> let you go with one final comment nationals have already won four series this year just regroup and get them tomorrow >> that's what we are going to do they go hard every night they are mistakes of greg and hoping we get up to the challenge tomorrow >> thanks so much for your time good luck tomorrow >> jim down in south florida we saw good defense tonight nobody has tried to steal against rodriquez tonight he got the first one, then some questionable defense >> he ran a great pick there only two times he tried to go great play again day in and day out going away from the play he's throwing the ball too enough on it to make a great play another diving play throwing that underhanded he takes a hit or two away every ball game >> he does >> then some bat i've seen people throwing, that's like a rainy day and packing it, so -- yeah, and adam lost the ball there probably a part of a new glove this play was crazy here all the time in the world no way that runner is going to tag up our alignment wasn't
for the county. all a part of cutting spending in the county. the harford county executive david craig cut spending enough to propose a 2% property tax decrease. this comes after a cut last year when craig also sharply curbed spending. the harford county government will be closed today for the fifth and final furlough day for county employees this year as part of the 2010 budget. in addition to all harford county government offices the county's five senior centers, parks and recreation centers and the harford transit service will be closed today. the harford county government will reopen for normal business tomorrow. it's part of the fiscal year 2010 budget, county workers receive five furlough days for the current fiscal year which ends june 30th. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. ♪ i know ♪ >> investigators blame thieves for a post prom crash that killed 16-year-old boy from king george in northern virginia and seriously injured four others early sunday. they were headed to after after prom party when the car hit au -- a utility pole. >>> mothers' day is meant to be a happy celebration. an
of the hero tops out to dinner tonight. craig, brother craig has just interviewed an explosives expert on exactly what that device would have wreaked had it detonated. here is craig. >> geraldo, nypd is still interviewing street vendors asking them questions about the attempted car bombing which occurred right on this street corner. security experts are talking about the type of device that was used. chris, tell me about the device that was in this car? >> smaller parts it looks as though it was a combination of propane cylinder and gasoline with fireworks. the home depot ingredients with the composition of this device. >> he says while this crude bomb may not have caused catastrophic damage like ied's seen in iraq and afghanistan, it was potentially lethal. >> it had lethal qualities had it caught on fire there's a lot of gasoline and propane. it didn't have the ability to create a dramatic explosion. >> former secret service but you know about these types of investigations. where will the nypd where will the fbi go in looking for the perpetrators of this bombing. >> the question is t
and screams while witnesses, watched her shoved into a van. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. those witnesses tell police there were others already in the van, all happened outside of a target store in stafford county. an amber alert is still out tonight on that van. darcy spencer has the latest. >> reporter: authorities say that this teenager could be in extreme danger. they're not ruling out the possibility that this could be domestic related but they say how the teen was treated in the video was very concerning. in this surveillance video you see a young lady grabbed by three people. two women and one man. they force her into a minivan. she puts up a struggle, but is overcome by force. the van doors are closed and the vehicle pulls away, it in the roughly 17-year-old girl haven't been seen. >> she was kicking, screaming, yelling that she did not want to go into the van. >> reporter: police are investing the incident as a possible abduction. it happened around 11:30 in the morning in a parking lot of the target on south gateway drive in stafford county. the victim was walk alone w
responsibility for the kind of work that allen oversees. i asked craig to come because of the fact that both the victim and the man charged with first-degree murder were lacrosse players. there are others on whom i may call if questions require more expert knowledge than we might have here. let mo say in the beginning only that, obviously, an episode of this kind, loss of a student in this way is both an agonizing thing for the family and a challenge for every system in the university. there is no protocol to deal with this kind of death. and consequently, we work with a combination of professional experience and somewhat related activities. and a determined effort to provide the best possible support and service to the bereaved family. to our students, faculty members and so on. i should say second that -- that the description of the condition of yeardley love's body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in our heads. we all live with that. and we have no policy for that because she was and is our first responsibility. our student. let me stop with th
it. when we come back we will be live in venice, louisiana. live in venice, louisiana. craig joins live in venice, louisiana. craig joins can you believe how fast kids grow these days? and since 90% of bone strength is developed before adulthood... it's so important that they get enough calcium every day. that's why there's new danonino. danonino! unlike leading kids yogurts, danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. and its rich creamy taste is... yummy! so they can start building strong bones today... for stronger bodies tomorrow. new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow. in the gulf coast. both those leading the efforts to stem the crisis and those along the coast whose livelihoods are in jeopardy as a result of the spill. also in our thoughts and prayers tonight are the men and women in uniform who put their lives at risk each and every day for our safety and freedom. [ applause ] >> geraldo: back live. let's go right live now to venice, louisiana, and talk to some of the men whose livelihoo
buddy, craig paul. craig is a cancer survivor. has been since the days he and will were fraternity brothers at usc. when will started doing standup, craig rarely missed a show. >> craig was always there, and so -- which is great, because i thought, i know that laugh out there, and i can keep going on, even if i'm doing terribly right now. so -- >> will watched his buddy deteriorate from the cancer, only to bounce back and start a charity, cancer for college, helping survivors with scholarships. >> i was kind of at that point where i was scared whether i was going to live or not. and i made a promise to god, i said if you get me out of here, i'm going to make a difference. >> reporter: will had just started at "saturday night live," and was one of craig's very first donors. >> embarrassingly i think i wrote him a check for $50. $50 or $100. >> reporter: but as will's celebrity rose, so did his commitment. >> he doesn't just lend his name, he spends time with us. if a family has a child that they're putting through treatment, they're not thinking about college, they're thinking about
'm craig melvin that shooting happened around 3:15 this afternoon in brandywine. neighbors say the victims and suspect had argued in the past but no one thought the back and forth would turn into this. darcy spencer is live on the scene tonight. darcy? >> craig, friends of the victim tell me tonight that he has been having a dispute with a neighbor over the last three years. now, this dispute involves things like parking, loud notices and the victim's teenaged son but no one thought this would lead to gunfire. a father and son shot in broad daylight in their yard in this quiet cul-de-sac community brandywine section of prince georges county. police say the shooting was the result of an ongoing neighbor dispute. the man who allegedly fired the shots was taken into custody he did at the scene. friends of the victim say there had been a dispute between the neighbors for the last three years. >> a lot of cookouts. you have cookouts, you bring a lot of people to the neighborhood, park their cars whatever, what have you. the most part, i know they just had a misunderstanding about, you know, the
of a student last night. then came the more shocking news about who was arrested. craig melvin has the story. >> reporter: not only was craig hugly the co-captain of the lacrosse team, he was a member of the football team. he would go on to the university of virginia and he met yardly love. they found love dead and in four hours they charged hugly for killing her. around 2:15 monday morning, charlottesville police were called to in apartment, just a few blocks away from uva's campus. one of yardly love's roommates thought she had too much to drink. >> it was quickly parent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. there were obvious physical injuries to her body which prompted them to immediately secure the crime scene. >> reporter: no weapons were found at the scene but sources tell news 4 the apartment door had been kicked in. monday we also found out 22-year-old george hugly has been in trouble before. he was arrested november 2008 for public intoxication and resisting arrest in lexington, va va his 60-day sentence was suspended. while no one was home at hugly's
in memory of their fallen teammate. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm craig melvin. the coach said that today's game was about much more than winning, it was about remembering a teammate and realizing that they can move on from this tragedy. news4's darcy spencer starts us off tonight from the studio. darcy? >> reporter: craig, there were signs of yeardley love's memory all over the stadium today, the players' uniforms, signs and a moment of silence. even the opposing team wore wristbands bearing her initials, y. l.. it was the first time the university of virginia women's lacrosse team had take tonight field since the tragic murder of their teammate, yeardley love them wore black patches on their uniforms in honor of her memory. the cavaliers took to the field competing against the towson university tigers in the ncaa tournament, happened one week after love was laid to rest. the team used the tragedy to build strength. their motto, one team, one heart, one love. yeardley love's mother and other relatives attended the tournament. many were solemn before the game st
. >> stand by for a second. in that regard here's craig on the scene of the disaster that could change the way we think about energy and the environment. >> we are in the gulf of mexico south of golf course, m -- gulf mississippi. we are finding some of the oil slicks in the gulf pretty apparent with rick signer conservationist. he's seen the effects of oil spills in val disease alaska. what do you compare this lick ore how do you compare this slick to what happened to the last? >> exxon valdez released 40-50,000 tons of very heavy crude oil in shore pristine coastal environment. this one is coming from offshore, it takes it some time to reach the surface. >> steiner who worked on the cleanup efforts for exxon valdez has a dire warning to the long-term impact. >> you can have it from years to come. the sea beared holiday down in breton island -- the sea birds are on nests there. there are thousands of nests thousands of eggs about half of them have hatched. the adults are having to feed those young from fish from the oil slicks. i don't think it's worth posing this kind of a risk to th
lacrosse player. >> good saturday evening, everyone. i'm craig melvin. nearly two weeks now since that murder shook the lacrosse community. tonight, fans left flowers at the entrance to the stayed when the men's team was set to start tournament action. one player was missing though, george huguely sits in a jail cell. he of course is accused of killing his former girlfriend, yeardley love, who was also a uva lacrosse player. on the back of the men's warm-up jerseys tonight were the words "one lovg" it was a show of solidarity and fans hope this weekend gives the team a fresh start. >> i know they're playing for her, which is awesome, so i just hope it's a great game, you know, that it's lots of fun and that uva walks off feeling better. >> hopefully tonight is sort of a little bit of a rebirth, get everybody back to being college kids and having fun again and you know take their mind off what's going on for the last couple of weeks. >> meanwhile, the uva women's team will take on tolleson tomorrow. it will be their first game since yeardley love's murder. >>> remains in critical c
'm craig melvin. that happened on a footpath near metro station early yesterday evening. darcy joins us live in greenbelt with that story. darcy? >> reporter: police are saying that teenager was leaving the green belt metro station early yesterday evening when she was sexually assaulted. police are putting out a detailed description that they hope will lead them to the suspect. he had a distinctive tattoo. police say a 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted about 6:30 friday night along a footpath near the greenbelt metro station and that's when a man attempted to talk to her and followed her as she walked from the station towards the footpath leading to a neighborhood. she uses the path often and found the attack alarming. >> do you consider it to be dangerous? >> if you're alone, yes. if you were with a bunch of people -- every time i'm on this path i try not to be by myself. i wouldn't recommend it. i'm a little shocked that at 6:30 that happened. i'm very worried -- i mean, being that it happened to somebody that young. >> reporter: the footpath is on the backside of the metro stat
. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. >>> riding his bike not far from his fairfax county house when an suv swerved across several lanes of traffic, drove on to a bike path and hit him. the teenager biker and the suv driver both died instantly. news4's darcy spencer just talked to the father and she joins us live from fairfax. darcy? >> reporter: you can only imagine what the family is going through. as you said i talked to his father. he buried his son today and said the family's strong faith is what is getting them through at this time. abdul shadally was just 17 year old and he was killed by an out of control suv while riding his bike here in fairfax about a mile from his home. he and the driver of the dodge durango, gary thorn, were both pronounced dead at the scene. the driver crossed several lanes of lee highway and then a tree. shadally was a senior at fairfax county high school set to graduate in one week and a member of the wrestling team. his father spoke to me today on behalf of the entire family. obviously, everyone here is extremely upset. abdul was the oldest of fo
the police union asking some tough questions. craig melvin is at police headquarters with more. craig? >> reporter: first family members, now as you mentioned, have several questions regarding the murder of 18-year-old alante. did police respond to the 911 call fast enough and is citywide campaign celebrated with a catchy name really reducing crime in all areas of the city? sutton was killed saturday but his body was not found in these woods until sunday. that was more than 12 hours after people in the area called 911 because they heard gunfire. one witness says he even saw someone flag down police. >> he was trying to tell them that he was saying that they were shooting down in the woods. he said ignore it. >> reporter: sutton's mother wishes the police would have looked in the woods sooner. >> i believe if they would have checked on my son that my son would be here now. >> reporter: the police response is under investigation and one thing is certain, there were more police on the streets than usual. he was killed in a weekend where all hands were on deck. that's the initiative where
to dinner tonight. craig, brother craig has just interviewed an explosives expert on exactly what that device would have wreaked had it detonated. here is craig. >> geraldo, nypd is still interviewing street vendors asking them questions about the attempted car bombing which occurred right on this street corner. security experts are talking about the type of device that was used. chris, tell me about the device that was in this car? >> smaller parts it looks as though it was a combination of propane cylinder and gasoline with fireworks. the home depot ingredients with the composition of this >> this is a fox news arert. a video put out of an ununidentified white man in his 40s with another shirt on underneath. police say he's looking back in the direction of the suv that was smoking. the smoke was seen by a vendor. wears evacuated and the bomb squad called n police say the crude gasoline and propane bomb koz have sprayed enough snap nel to kill pedestrians and blow out windows. police released this video of a possible suspect in saturday's failed car bombing in nork's times scare.
dollar house on courtney drive in centreville yesterday morning. craig melvin joins us from police headquarters with the latest developments in this story. craig? >> reporter: what may be a key clue tonight, fair fax police say that they think they have a pretty good idea of what that getaway vehicle looks like. tonight we are also learning more about the handyman killed at the mansion yesterday. 39-year-old jose cardona did odd jobs around the mansion for the family that lives here on compton road in centreville. police believe that may be what he was doing monday when two intruders got into the garage. cardona and at least one of the four family members who lives here got into a scuffle with the two men. at some point one of them shot and killed cardona. >> good friend. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: two years, that's how long we knew each other. good person. never had any problem was anybody. we would get together tuesday, friday, saturday and sunday for church services. cardona friend also told us he had been working here for several years and sending most of his money bac
after it happened. let's start our report with craig in boston celtics well, louisiana. has the slick touched the shore or not, what is happening there? >> good evening to you, geraldo. the leading edge of the oil sheen has hit the shore in some areas. following that just miles behind that is the thicker area of that oil which is oozing its way towards the coastline and certainly not helping things absolutely exacerbating things is this wind that is absolutely relentless and it has been coming up from the south and it has been blowing on since yesterday and it is pushing that oil in closer. it is also hampering efforts to lay out the protective shoreline boom we have been talking about for some days now. hampering efforts for the boats that are idle because the winds too strong to get out there. it is also whipping up the waves and taking that oil right over the protective boon that was laid to protect. just adding another layer of frustration here. these charter boats are sitting here idle. i talked to some of these captains who depend on the next three months to make their living fo
biology and the quest to create synthetic life, craig venter joins us to explain how his research team has created man-made dna in a living organism. >> charlesie, this has been a 15 year process. started back in 1995 when we sequenced the first two genomes in history. and started just asking some questions about basic cellular life. and we wanted to get down to a minimal cell to see if we can understand what were the essential kpon enterits of life. it has taken 15 years to get us the tool set to adequately begin to answer those questions. but along the way, we realize this was potentially a very powerful technology with a lot of implications to other areas. >> rose: financial reform, and synthetic biology when we continue. funding for charlie rose has been provided by the coca-cola company, supporting this program since 2002. additional funding for charlie rose was also provided by these funders... . captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> we begin tonight with the senate's financial reform bill, the bill passed last night i
and staying in the 70s. craig, that's my weather scoop. hope you guys have a great memorial day weekend. >> kim martucci, thanks so much. when we come back we'll head back to indianapolis. it was a mechanic's field day. dan is going to give us all the highlights rig >>> nats out west. it's been up and down so far. >> this one still going. good day for ryan zimmerman. he's 20% to that magic 500 home run. he hit home run 100 this afternoon. second player drafted 2005 or later to have 100 home runs. that's pretty good stat. zimmerman keeping the nats in this one out there. zimmerman, face of the franchise, strasburg, first inning he shows why john gar land serves it up. zimmerman gobbles it up. career home run number 100 or is it? zimmerman obviously think it is. did this thing go over the wall? yes, it does. bounces around. nationals on top, 1-0. bottom of the fourth, tony quinn going the other way. yes. matt stares comes around to score. padres takes a 2-1 lead. batting .185 but comes from good genes. six innings more zimmerman, absolutely raking out in san diego. then with another home
grilled the three companies involved in the oil rig blast. and oil spill in the gulf of mexico. craig boswell now reports, many questions were left unanswered. >> lawmakers repeatedly pressed bp about paying for the clean up in the gulf of mexico. >> we will pay all legitimate claims. >> for lost tax revenue you will pay? >> question mark. >>well, is putting oil into the water weeks later. bp is attempting methods to cap the leak. including putting debris in the well. and they are trying a smaller containment contraption. as to what caused the explosion and leak. bp's american president focused on the piece of equipment called blow out preventer made by transocean. the company that owns the well. transocean's chief pointed toward concrete or haliburton used to block the well. >> one thing that we do know is on the evening of april 20. there was a sudden catastrophic failure of the cement, the casing, or both. we should not be making a rush to judgment. >> some on the senate panel said the future of domestic oil development hinges on finding the cause. >> it is important, to our nation
. i'm craig melvin. the nation's capital has paid host to powerful tributes to those who have died serving our country. darcy spencer starts us off tonight, live on the national mall. >> thousands of motorcycles cross the bridge on a rolling thunder tribute to men and women in uniform, those who fight, those who died, those who never made it home. >> pows we never brought back, we want a full accounting, and we want america to understand it as well. with this kind of noise and presence, someone will pay attention. >> the roll thunder demonstration started back in 1987 as a way to bring attention to those missing in action and prisoners of war in vietnam. >> at the end of every war america has been involved with, we have left men behind in enemy hands. it is not a guess, not an assumption, it's a fact. >> while the motorcycles were on the streets of the nation's capital, large crowds gathered to watch and say thanks to the veterans who served the country. >> the most exciting thing is to wave to the veterans and show them our apreach yags. >> on the west lawn of the capital, thousan
legal. but it may have been the substance that recently putt local teens in the hospital. and as craig melvin reports now, health concerns are leading to bans in some states. >> yeah. we are going do this. >> reporter: k-2 is not marijuana but some say it might as well be. people are smoking it all over youtube and owe are many in and around d.c. a man we are calling andy, who does not want to be identified, sells it. a lot of it. >> it's very typical to sell between $3,000 and $4,000 a day. >> reporter: 35, $45 a gram, the smokers get a high as close to marijuana as you can get, legal. they are talking about it on youtube. >> you get this tingling sensation all over your face. >> reporter: without any advertising, andy says his client base has grown exponentially since they started selling it several years ago. it is not just college kids. places like this one in d.c., different shop than the one andy works with, sees government workers, teachers, servicemen and those struggling with addiction. >> we get referrals, probation officers trying to keep their people out of jail because the
can be extremely violence. craig melvin met a local man who knows first hand about the risk in the ring. >> reporter: leaf vi was 2-0 but then he went down fast and hard. >> i just get hammered the one time. then the second hit knocked me out. >> reporter: the fight did not stop. >> after that you can count, 13 times i get hit. 13 times unconscious, my nose was shattered. i have metal plates in here and another metal plate here. i have three plates in my mouth. >> reporter: sauder spent five days in the hospital and racked up a $45,000 medical bill. his doctors were clear. >> they don't want me to fight, period. >> reporter: levi is a mix eed martial artist. it has gone from guy who's have seen fight club too many times to complete with packed arenas and paid per view events. this event was sold out in january. running l.a. boxing in woodbridge where want to be fighters train. it's not just young man looking for thrills any more, but there is still a lot of of that. >> guys come in the street with t-shirts on, i can do that, they last maybe five or ten minutes, then we never
might not see the sun for some time. good sunday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight wirth the weather. and when we might see the sun again. chuck bell staying by the storm center for the answer to that question. chuck? >> plenty of rain across most of the area over the one, especially areas to west of downtown washington. in town, less than an inch of rain. western fairfax, louden county, 3 inches of rain. temperatures in the mid to high 60s across the area. check out live doppler. most of the rain is done. a couple of sprinkles to the south and west of culpepper and sprinkles in the panhandle of west virginia. sending kids and adults back out to to work and school. cloudy and damp. pack umbrellas for monday. another risk of showers tomorrow. i'm optimistic for memorial day weekend. >> we'll come back to you if a few minutes. >>> the family of the man whose suv went careening on a bike path say they have no idea why he would have lost control. that driver and the teenage where killed. >> reporter: the driver was gary thorne, relatives say they don't kno
'm craig melvin. those stories in just a moment, first though a developing story at dulles international airport tonight, a united airlines flight headed to belgium had to make an emergency landing because it blew a tire during takeoff, around 6:30 this evening. this is actually the path that flight 950 took after it circled dulles to burn off fuel. arch seven hours the flight was finally able to land. emergency crus were standing by on the tarmac. because of the blown out tire the plane had to be towed back to the terminal. fortunately, though, no one was hurt. ♪ >>> today, family, friends, and teammates all gather to say good-bye to yeardley love. she, of course, is the university of virginia lacrosse player found dead inside of her apartment six days ago. love's ex-boyfriend harry charged in her death. today's funeral though was about celebrating the joy that yeardley love seemed to bring into so many lives. aaron gilchrist has that story tonight from baltimore. >> reporter: family and friends poured into baltimore's cathedral of mary our queen for hours leading up to yeardley's fun
ends june 30th. it's a part of cutting spending in that county. harford county executive david craig cut spending enough to propose a 2-cent property tax rate decrease, on top of a nearly 2% cut in the property tax rate last year when craig also sharply curbed spending. besides harford county government offices the county's five senior centers, parks and recreation centers and the harford transit service will also be closed today. harford kent government also offices will -- harford county government offices will be open for normal business tomorrow. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> topping our news around the nation -- we have dramatic video, this is a standoff between pittsburg, california, s.w.a.t. team and a gunman that took his mother hostage. police drove the man from the home using tear gas canisters after walking outside the moon pointed a firearm at his own head but then decided to point it at the officers. an officer immediately opened fire killing the man on mothers' day. >>> authorities in louisiana will perform autopsies to determine if three mental health patients died
the corner on 47th street craig is back with one of the heroes of this event one of the crucial eyewitnesss that plus my exclusive interview with police commissioner ray kelly right now. first here is craig. >> there are numb ruse sur -- n surveillance cameras but there's nothing like an eye witness to blow the whistle and call the cops. duane jackson is a vietnam veteran. he contacted the police when he saw the car smoking just across from his cart where he sells handbags. duane tell me what happened? >> it was about an hour and a half or hour and 15 minutes before the 8:00 show. the place was packed. as i was standing here i happened to turn in back of me and i saw the car parked there and there was the keys in the car and the car was running. i routinely walked over to it to take a look at it and to see who's car it was because it needed to be moved. >> initial concerns, what drew the red flag? >> the bus is turned and it was obstructing traffic from the bus flow. when i got over there a couple of other officers two of the mounted police that showed up three of the young ladies who were
what he did wrong. news 4s, craig melvin has the story. >> one second, it literally, i can't get the poof sound out of my head. pretty scary. >> reporter: grilling rib eyes on his back deck sunday evening. >> i went to change the propane tank. i hooked it up. went to fire the grill back up. but it didn't ignite. >> reporter: he bent down to see what was wrong. >> i went to open the doors. i heard a slight hiss. i was like this. and went and got down, obviously a little closer. that's when the flare came and glue me back about six feet. >> reporter: the fire ball slammed him against his house. he threw up his arms. rushed to get his mother off the deck and ran to grab his hose. he and a neighbor put out the fire quickly but hickey, burned part of both legs and arms. besides the second degree burns, he bruised and scraped his head and knew he burned down his house, but it could have been worse. >> you name it. >> reporter: hickey admits he was doing several things wrong. he had a to tanks around the grill. the grill was into close to his house. 'tis the season for all those memoria
that the embassy which is locked up is now playing host to something far different than parties or politics. craig melvin is there now with more. >> reporter: a disputed presidential election last fall is having quite the impact on this community here in adams morgan. neighbors tonight telling me that prostitutes, drug dealers, and fires have all turned the embassy building behind me into an eyesore. this is emblematic of what is happening in kabon and what used to be their embassy in northwest d.c. behind the high weeds and unkept grass, a boarded up building that's been locked with a bike chain. next door, the wyoming father condo buildings. tuesday, residents received an e-mail from the management company telling them that foreign government build hg become a popular spot for the homeless, drug dealers and prostitutes. >> it's been like this for quite awe few months, ever since the summer. and there have been four fires here. >> reporter: this is a picture of a fire that broke out early christmas morning. it's the most recent fire. d.c. fire and ems says there have been at least three fires sin
of national intelligence is resigning and craig bosswell has the news edge. >> reporter: after 16 months on the j the director of national intelligence admiral blair is stepping down. the white house said several candidates are being interviewed for the job which oversees the nation's 16 intelligence agency. >> the president believes that it was time to transition to a different director of national intelligence. >> reporter: blair has been under fire for a series of security lapses including the failed christmas day underwear bombing. the resignation comes days after a nal report outlining intelligence failures, even though president obama himself accepted responsibility for the lack of intelligence sharing sow roundo surrounding the attempted bombing. >> the president decided to make a change. >> reporter: some lawmakers believe that blair is getting a raw deal. >> think he's being made a scapegoat and the real problem is the department of justice under general holder running too much of the intelligence activities. >> reporter: in a written statement, joe lieberman said, quote -- quot
applause than i usually get. [laughter] next, my son doug. [laughter] my son, craig. [laughter] doug's wife, kate. [applause] and craig's wife kiersten. [applause] this will be a long statement, longer than the press would like. but after 42 years, i think i have burned it. -- i have earned it. i will have been in public service 48 years, over six and the wisconsin state legislator and almost 42 in the u.s. congress. a surge in the house longer than anybody in wisconsin history. my constituents have been incredibly good to me, as well as god. when i was growing up, i did not think i had -- would have had 1/10 of the opportunities that came to me. i want to use those opportunities for the most that could be done for the causes i believe in, fairer taxes, economic opportunity, better schools, affordable health research that will help us fight diseases likej]x cancer and diabetes and parkinson's, a better health-safety economic -- cleaner air and preservation of our public parks and places. the people of northern wisconsin have given the privilege of representing them. in dealing with the grea
in the fourth. tied at 2-2. adam jones at the plate with a runner on, facing craig stampsents, and niger morgan tracking it. he can't make the play. he gets so mad, throws his glove to the ground. josh willingham races to get it. and adam jones, insooidide-the- home run for jones. and morgan said my emotions got to me because i knew i should had the ball. apparently he thought it went over the fence. tough break for the nationals. they would rally. bases loaded for adam dunn. and alberto gonzalez and cristian guzman come in to score. part of a four-run inning. nationals take a 7-6 lead. in the ninth, matt capps on to close it out. he's a workhorse. soft bouncer to third. solid, throws to first to end the game. matt capps 16 for 16 in saves, leaves the big leagues. here is jim riggleman on niger morgan. >> my first instinct was to take him out of the ball game and then i realized, you know what? he thinks the ball went over the fence. he thought he knocked it over the fence. and it's -- you know, u.s. a home run, so ice showing frustration. that doesn't excuse it, and i don't want it to be perce
more ahead including latest on the situation in the gulf. craig? >> another day of frustration and anger as the oil spill continues to grow in the gulf of mexico. i'm craig boswell in venice, louisiana. that is coming up. >>> a school bus driver arrested for making child pornography and the tip came from right here at this 7- eleven. i'm sarah simmons. more on that investigation when fox 5 morning news returns. >>> welcome back. we are taking a look at what is happening outside this morning. a little foggy out there or hazy. >> yeah, we've got some haze, a little bit of mist, a little bit of fog. no advisories in effect. this is the trend for the last couple of days. it will be the trend for a good part of this week as we get off to a humid start pretty much every day. there are some clouds out there as well continuing to push in from the east. as the day progresses, you think we'll see fewer clouds an more sunshine. right now at reagan national airport, here is the report. current temperature there, 67 degrees. relative humidity, up there again. 84% the wind out of the northea
are comfortable with, tell us about your journey to this point? >> well basically i was mostly under craig lists. the calls would pour in. my number was posted on there. fake pictures were used to pretend it was me. and basically that's how i was off of craigslist. it'st was just like the found -- it was like the foundation of the whole thing. >> and there was someone who lured you away from where you were in middle america. and we'll call him a pimp, that's what he was, and through craig's list people would contact you. and you are living proof there are people by this. >> yes, there are people hurt. people use it not for just like -- people make it seem as if its for sexual services and it's way more to it. basically someone use it to channel movies and try to hurt me. they used it as like a tool to get away with almost murder. >> you were able to escape. this is all recent? >> yes. >> and this was within the last year. >> yes. >> and is there a message that you have for people who perhaps use these services. this is not something you did willingly? >> right. it wasn't something i did will wil
:04 now. you won't find david craig in his executive office. guthrie won't be walking the council chambers. sherrie johnson with a fifth and final furlough day in harford county. >> reporter: harford coast has been facing steep budget cuts, today's the last furlough day for the county. it's part of cult cutting spending. david craig cut spending enough to propose a 2% property tax rate decrease, comes on top 6 nearly a 2% cut last year when craig also sharply curbed spending. the harford county government will be closed today for the fifth and final furlough day for county employees this year as part of the 2010 budget. in addition to all harford county government offices the county's five senior centers, parks and recreation centers and the harford transit service will also be closed today. the offices will open for normal business tomorrow. as part of the fiscal year 2010 budget county workers received five furlough days for the current fiscal year which ends june 30th. >>> 6:06. legendary singer lena horne has passed away. best known for her rendition of "stormy weather" she broke raci
caused that fall. good sunday evening, everyone, i'm craig melvin. taylor hubbard's father says his son was a smart kid with big plans. the 20-year-old was visiting a friend early saturday morning when somehow, he fell to his death. darcy spencer is live tonight near the campus of george washington university. darcy? >> reporter: hi, craig. i did speak to the student's father tonight. he was obviously very emotional. but he wants people to know that his son was a great kid. he was a great friend and a great student. and everyone is still trying to figure out how this could have happened. flowers were placed at the entrance to the george washington university dorm where student taylor hubbard lived. hubbard died early sunday morning from injuries he suffered after falling from a fifth floor window of a friend's dorm room the day before. >> i think it is really tragic, especially at the end of the year. the summer, everyone is going home with family. parents are coming to pick up their kids and everything it is extremely sad his parents have to come down and pick up his stuff and not a ki
what he did wrong. craig melvin is in kensington at the fire station that got the call. >> reporter: sometimes you do something a lot, you switch to autopilot. that is precisely what a rockville man says did he yesterday and tonight he is sharing the story that he wants all people who use it -- to use a grill to hear. >> split second. literally i got that poof sound out of my head. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: steve hickey was grilling on the back deck sunday evening. >> i went to change the propane tank. i hooked it up and then went to fire the grill back up. it didn't ignite. >> reporter: so he bent down to see what was wrong. >> win the to open the doors. and that's when i heard a slight hiss. so i was like this and i went and got down a little closer. but that's when the flair came and moved me back about six feet. >> reporter: the fireball slammed him against his house. he threw up his arms, rushed to get his mother off the deck and ran and grabbed the hose. he and a neighbor put out the fire quickly but hickey burned part of both legs and arms. besides the second degree b
youth avoid violence. and it is now in a tussle with the community in southeast d.c. craig melvin has our report. >>> this building is -- i'm never -- i'm never going to be able to sell my unit. >> reporter: three years ago this woman bought a new condo next to this building. >> just looking into it and research, we thought it would thrive in a few years. >> reporter: then a year ago, peaceaholics used a 400,000 loan from the it is dwroi buy this building. their plan, to provide what he calls independent living for men between 18 and 24. abraham says the men living here will all be what he calls at risk. >> this property has to be used for low-income people. and that's what it's going to be used for. we're going to teach our people life management skills and financial literacy. >> reporter: if they keep a job, finish school and improve their lives, they can buy one of the 13 units here. sandra runs the advisory neighborhood commission in the area. >> troubled children come to the court system, then it's wrong, yes. >> reporter: you don't want troubled children -- >> not right there wh
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